Spread the Good Word: Isaiah 55:7

Written by GospelBlog on Friday, March 08, 2019. Posted in The Good Word

Spread the Good Word: Isaiah 55:7

Today we've got another Good Word on the theme of forgiveness. (Did you catch Sister Colleen's article about forgiveness yesterday?)

God is full of mercy toward us. How do we obtain God's mercy? What does He ask us to do?

Must we walk over hot coals? Must we fast for 40 days? Must we make a pilgrimage to Jerusalem? Must we give all our money and goods to the church?

God doesn't require ONLY outward effort that can be seen with the human eye. Instead, He ALSO requires an inner effort of the heart.

Forsake wicked ways

Forsake unrighteous thoughts

Return to the Lord's path

These things are all wrapped up in the concept of "sincere repentance" that gets discussed so much in church classes and sermons.

Some of us would rather just perform the outward acts — the change in heart is harder. Sometimes, in fact, it is just too hard, and that's where we must ask God for His Spirit to do the changing. When we experience this renewal, we gain a first-hand knowledge of God's famous mercy.

Final question for you: Are you — maybe without realizing it — trying to earn God's mercy with outward actions but not giving Him your heart, too?

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