Spread the Good Word: Genesis 1:4 (And Quiz Answers)

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Spread the Good Word: Genesis 1:4 (And Quiz Answers)

We hope today's Good Word brings a little light to your day. One of God's first acts of creation was to separate light from darkness, and in the Garden of Eden He established laws that separated good from evil. The Good Lord continues to show us how to separate good from evil today — even as the world insists on seeing more and more gray.

Here are the answers to last week's Moses Mystery Quiz. How many did you get right?

1. You probably remember that the children of Israel grew so numerous that Pharaoh first enslaved them and then ordered that every baby boy be thrown into the Nile. But that wasn't the first plot Pharaoh concocted to enforce population control. What did he try initially?

He asked the midwives to kill the baby boys directly after birth. They agreed to Pharaoh's face but never actually carried out his orders. (Ex. 1:15-21)

2. Moses came from which tribe of Israel?

Levi (Ex. 2:1-2)

3. It's true that Pharaoh's daughter adopted Moses, but who actually nursed him? Who coordinated this arrangement?

Moses's mother nursed him (Ex. 2:9). Moses's sister Miriam arranged it (Ex. 2:7-8).

4. You likely remember that Moses killed an Egyptian man for beating a Hebrew slave, and then he ran away from Egypt. But he didn't flee immediately after the murder. What drove him away?

Two Hebrew men revealed that they knew about the murder, and Pharaoh tried to kill Moses after learning the news. (Ex. 2:13-15)

5. God sends Moses back to Egypt to free the people from bondage. When God tells Moses to go to the elders of Israel and explain his purpose, Moses is afraid that they won't believe him. What three signs does God give Moses to convince them?

Turning his staff into a snake (Ex. 4:2-5), making his hand leprous and then clean (6-7), and turning Nile water into blood (8-10)

6. When Moses and Aaron approached Pharaoh the first time, they didn't ask that Pharaoh free the Hebrew slaves permanently. They asked for permission to do what? Do you remember how Pharaoh responded to this first request?

Journey three days into the wilderness to hold a feast and sacrifice to the Lord (Ex. 5:1-3). This request resulted in harder labor for the Hebrews. They had to produce the same number of bricks without the straw the Egyptians normally provided (Ex. 5:10-13).

7. How old was Moses when he approached Pharaoh?

80 years old (Ex. 7:7)

8. When Moses performed the first few signs for Pharaoh, the Egyptian magicians and sorcerers reproduced them. What was the first sign that the magicians could not mimic?

Producing gnats from the dust (Ex. 8:18)

9. There was one area in Egypt that was exempt from all the plagues. What was this land called and why didn't the plagues harm the people there?

Goshen because that's where the children of Israel lived.

10. Pharaoh proved fickle throughout the negotiations in Egypt. How many times did he say (or almost say) that he'd let the people go and then go back on his word?

Four. Once after the plague of flies (Ex. 8:28), once after the hailstorm (Ex. 9:27-28), and he almost let them go right before the plague of locusts (Ex. 10:8-10) and right after the plague of darkness (Ex. 10:24-27).

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