Spread the Good Word: Galatians 5:25

Written by GospelBlog on Friday, May 01, 2020. Posted in The Good Word

Spread the Good Word: Galatians 5:25

Good Word Friday Theme: Abiding in His Spirit

Today, we're bringing you a brand-new theme for Good Word Friday. For the month of May, we're focusing on scriptures that encourage us to abide in Christ and His Spirit.

We've all gone through times when we've felt disconnected from God, like He's in a galaxy far, far away, busy ruling the universe. And we are slogging through the details of our own lives, doing the best we can — on our own.

God doesn't want us feeling this way, like He's a big, giant mountain way off in the distance, and we are a tiny little flower at the bottom of a valley, barely peeking over the grass. The truth is, we should feel like we are part of the same entity — like a vine and its branches. God wants us to be close, to be connected to His Holy Spirit, drawing life and strength from it, moment to moment. Abiding in Him.

When we abide in Christ (allow the Holy Spirit within us to grow, to guide) then we experience relief from the crushing weight of having to figure out on our own where to walk. We all face crossroads, and picking a path can be torture. We all face baffling questions that seemingly have no answers. We all face situations that are impossible to prepare for. What to do? Where to turn?

The more we abide in Christ, the more sway the Holy Spirit has within us, the easier it is to step forward in alignment with God.

"If we live in the spirit, let us also walk in the spirit." (Galatians 5:25)

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