Spread the Good Word: Galatians 3:1

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Spread the Good Word: Galatians 3:1

Today's Good Word asks a very, very good question. "Who has bewitched you?"

Interestingly, some synonyms of "bewitch" don't actually sound that bad: enchant, entrance, captivate, charm, beguile, fascinate, enthrall. These words don't sound scary or troubling.

Sometimes it's the "pretty" things that trick us into believing that the truth is ugly. Today's scripture warns against anything that leads us away from obeying the truth. 

In many ways, we don't stray off the straight and narrow path because we're attracted to gross, ugly stuff we see in the world. It's the charming, enchanting things that catch our eye. But, just because the enemy is well dressed doesn't mean he isn't still the enemy.

So often, like a spell that's broken, the beautiful things we've chased turn to dust that slips through our fingers.

It's then we realize, like the prodigal son, that our next road must lead back to our Father's house. Let's take heart and be encouraged to follow the truth and not let anyone bewitch us otherwise. 

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