Spread the Good Word: Alma 38:6

Written by GospelBlog on Friday, January 25, 2019. Posted in The Good Word

Spread the Good Word: Alma 38:6

Today's Good Word comes from the mouth of Alma, who is speaking to his son, Shiblon. Alma gives his son some great, godly advice. For example, serve God and you'll prosper. Trust God and you'll be delivered from trials.

Then, wise man that he is, he says, in paraphrase, "Don't think that I figured any of this out on my own. The Holy Spirit taught it to me. In fact, if I wasn't baptized, I wouldn't know any of it."

Now, think about all the wonderful things that God has taught you since you decided to serve Him. Think about all the troubled times you went through and all the lessons you learned from them. Think about the roles you accepted in Church and how they stretched you and made you grow. Think about all the scriptures you've read and all that God revealed to your mind and heart during those precious study times. What about messages given to you from the Lord in miraculous ways like dreams, visions, and tongues?

If we hadn't been born of God, we would never have known these things. Just imagine!

As you reflect on how far God has brought you, let's offer praise and thanksgiving to our Savior Jesus Christ. Not only has He made it possible for us to enter heaven in the next life; He's also made it possible for us to live this life more abundantly.

Now, let's go out there and give our testimony to those who don't know yet!

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