Spread the Good Word: Alma 38:12

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Spread the Good Word: Alma 38:12

For Good Word Friday, we're exploring scriptures about boldness. Merriam-Webster defines "bold" as

  • fearless before danger (intrepid)

This dictionary also includes the archaic meaning, which is "assured and confident," which, you can argue, applies nicely to today's scripture, too. In this light, boldness is good. It's something free from fear and doubt — how refreshing!

Alma 38:12 also encourages us to have a mindset of boldness but not overbearance. Merriam-Webster defines "overbearance" as

  • Domineering action or behavior (imperious)

It's clear that there is a big difference between boldness and overbearance, but there is a link between the two, thin and sticky as cobweb. An alternate definition of "bold," courtesy of M-W, is

  • Impudent, presumptuous

It's easy to see how someone who is dauntless and self-assured (bold) can easily become carried away into insolence, overstepping his bounds (overbearing). "I'm brave! I can do it all, so leave me alone!" or "I'm capable and accomplished. I'm in control. Now, do as I say!"

Before he knows it, this poor person has put a paper crown on his head, shamming at monarchy, lording it not only over his own life but the lives of others.

In Christ, we are set free from the bands of sin and the instability of doubt. But we can't misplace our confidence. It must always be firmly rooted in our Savior. When we're bold in Christ (and not ourselves) then that anchor keeps us from drifting into murky waters.

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