Spread the Good Word: 3 Nephi 18:24

Written by GospelBlog on Friday, November 17, 2017. Posted in The Good Word

Spread the Good Word: 3 Nephi 18:24

Today's Good Word reminds us of so many important things.

First, We've got to hold up the light. If yours is hidden under a bushel, then ... well ... No! Like the kids shout when they sing the song. 

There are people in the world, people walking a dark, worldly path, who desperately need the light of Christ. We should be like bright lighthouses, beacons of safety and refuge, in a dark and stormy world.

So often, we feel like we need to shine our light, as in our own personal good works, our own strength, our self-confidence. This kind of light can only partially help people, but we're all going to fail and fall short at some point, and if someone's faith is grounded in our light, then they're going to be disappointed. 

But, if we shine God's light — what He's done for us, His strength, confidence in Him — then that can be a firm foundation upon which a new believer can build — and continue building.

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