Spread the Good Word: 2 Timothy 3:16-17 {PLUS! Reading Challenge Responses}

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Spread the Good Word: 2 Timothy 3:16-17 {PLUS! Reading Challenge Responses}

Today, we're bringing a slightly new dimension to the Good Word weekly memory verse — portrait orientation. Hopefully this will make it easier for you to save the images to your smartphones so you can memorize the verse. It's also a great ratio for pinning — just so you know. Make sure to let us know how it works out for you.

Your Thoughts on the 2014 Summer Reading Challenge

I finished the reading challenge. I did find that it was harder to do a close reading and keep up with the schedule so I mostly just read it like a book. Still, I learned a lot about God's promises for his people and the way he worked with the inhabitants of this land. It was cool for me to imagine if some of the ancient people and structures that I learn about in history class could be related to the people and structures I read about in the Book of Mormon. Overall, I'm glad that I did this challenge.
– Brother Jared Scolaro

The dividends received from the investment of time and energy were immense. I say that in spite of the fact that I have already read the Book of Mormon from cover to cover countless times — I lost track a long time ago. However, because His Word is alive, the impact of studying it cannot be measured or adequate explained in words.
– Brother Larry Watson

Thank you for the wonderful summer reading challenge. Sis. Ilene Coppa and I finished reading the Book of Mormon. God Bless Each of you for all your efforts and my thanks to the many who write the beautiful articles I enjoy so much.
– Sister Susan Moraco

I did not make it through the challenge, but God works in mysterious ways. I was troubled by something and made it a matter of prayer. When I went to my progress spot in the Book of Mormon, I saw a message in that scripture that was a very specific answer to my prayer — I saw in the passage a totally different meaning than I had ever understood from it before, but I felt that God was speaking to me, and I praise God for his goodness!
– Brother Tim Scolaro

Loved the challenge! The pacing was perfect. The amount per day was absolutely manageable and even if I had to miss a day or two, it wasn't that much to make up. So glad I stuck with it.
– Sister Stefanie Callens

Thoroughly enjoyed it. Just the right amount of reading.
 Maybe New Testament next.
– Brother Mike Italiano

Totally enjoyed reading it! Was amazed and saddened by all the wars and deaths. God gave them everything and blessed them so much but it didn't take long for them to forget.
– Sister Denise Bodo

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