Spread the Good Word: 2 Nephi 27:23 (Plus Trivia Answers!)

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Spread the Good Word: 2 Nephi 27:23 (Plus Trivia Answers!)

Today's Good Word reminds us that God is still in the miracle business. Although some argue that miracles were just for certain times in history, we believe they happen around us all the time — big and small. 

Do you have a miracle that you want to praise God for? Please send it to us, and we'll use it for Miracle Monday or feature it on a separate day. We all love hearing about the amazing things that God does. It strengthens our faith — the faith necessary to receive His miracles in our own lives!

Book of Mormon Dateline Answers

As promised, here are the answers to last week's Book of Mormon Dateline trivia. The events are ordered from earliest to latest with approximate dates in parentheses.

F. (~2200 BC) The Brother of Jared sees the finger of God touch the glass stones.

D. (600–592 BC) God gives the Liahona.

E. (~300 BC) Ether witnesses the destruction of the Jaredites.

B. (160–121 BC) Abinadi preaches to the people of King Noah.

C. (150–121 BC) Alma (the 1st) establishes the church in the land of Mormon.

I. (121–91 BC) Alma (2nd) meets the Angel of the Lord and is converted.

A. (91 BC) Four sons of Mosiah set out to the land of Nephi to do missionary work.

H. (74 BC) Moroni, at 25 years old, is made Chief Captain of the Nephite army.

J. (1 AD) The miracle of a day, a night, and a day without any darkness.

G. (34 AD) Christ establishes the church in Bountiful. 

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