Spread the Good Word: 2 Nephi 25:26

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Spread the Good Word: 2 Nephi 25:26

Today's Good Word reminds us of how Christ should be central to our lives.

When we get together with others, do we talk about the Lord? Does He come into play during casual discussions — or even when we're grappling with weightier matters? Or does His name never quite make it out of our mouth?

What are we rejoicing over most in life? Is it Jesus, or something else? Are we experiencing deep joy, or are we satisfied with passing happiness?

Although not all of us can preach from a pulpit, and not all are given the gift of prophecy, are we lending an ear to those who do preach and prophesy? Or do we only listen to what we want to hear?

Today's Good Word reminds us of how Jesus Christ should be in all these aspects of life. And the results? We leave an invaluable legacy to the next generation.

Book of Mormon Lessons

Today's Good Word, and all of the Good Words planned for the rest of the month, are from the Book of Mormon. If you're interested in reading the Book of Mormon cover to cover and studying each chapter as you go, then check out the Levittown Branch's YouTube series of 239 videos, one video for each chapter! 

To view any of the videos, go to https://www.youtube.com and type the phrase “TCOJC Levittown” in the “Search” box, followed by the name of the book and chapter you want the video for. Example: TCOJC Levittown First Nephi 1. We hope you enjoy and benefit from this great resource!

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