Spiritual Sense of Direction

Written by Sister Stefanie Callens on Thursday, October 12, 2017. Posted in Devotional

Spiritual Sense of Direction

Naturally speaking, I have a horrible sense of direction. I am also a terrible navigator. My husband tends to tell me this when I'm supposed to be helping him find a particular location. I've even gotten turned around on hikes where the path is fairly well laid out. I can't function without Google Maps.

Now, if the Google database is incorrect, then I won't find my desired destination even if I follow the exact directions. I experienced this in China, looking for a tea house that apparently was on the same named street but on the completely other side of the city — which was unfortunate since I walked three miles in the rain to find the place.

I love the story of Nephi and his family following the Liahona. As long as they were listening to the Lord, it would tell them exactly where to go. Every time I read that scripture, I'm baffled by how they quickly forgot the "rules" of it and got stranded, not knowing which direction to turn or where to find the correct path.

Spiritually speaking, I don't have a physical compass or map to tell me which way to turn, but I never have to worry about getting lost. God is my Google Maps, but His database is always correct. When I make a wrong turn, it re-routes me back onto the right way as soon as I ask.

Sometimes it takes me to a location that I did not ask for or think I wanted to go, but it was the right place for me. And, oh, what a feeling to not have to worry about my phone battery dying. I just have to whisper a prayer — or fast and pray depending on the situation or need — and I know I will never be lost.

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