Spared from the Cliff

Written by Sister Lori Kimmel on Monday, June 10, 2019. Posted in Devotional

Spared from the Cliff

Today's Miracle Monday comes to us from Sister Lori Kimmel, and it shows how our kids are in God's hands — even when they've grown into adults.

As I reflect on Miracle Monday, I can’t help but recall how God blessed me by sparing my son, Ryan.

In 2006, I told Ryan that I would take him anywhere he wanted to go after his high school graduation. He chose Israel because he wanted to touch base with those family roots. As we have family there, I agreed.

Ryan, however, did not want to take a tour, as most “normal” people would do when visiting a country with which they’re unfamiliar. But I went along with him.

So, off to Israel we went, renting a car and hoping we could fit in with the locals!

As we drove out of Jerusalem one day, I realized I was lost. So I stopped at the side of the road to ask an English speaker — which are not common there — for directions.

As we were looking at the map, a car came speeding around the corner and smashed into the back of the rental car! Although the rental was in park, it lurched forward and spun to the right, heading for a cliff. Ryan was still in the car!

I screamed and ran toward the car. There was nothing between Ryan and the cliff. Only God could stop that car — which He miraculously did!

The car was still in park, so I don’t know why it moved so fast, yet I am so grateful that God was the emergency brake that day, sparing my child’s life. As that horrific scene is etched forever in my mind, I will always be thankful for the miracles God performs in our lives, as undeserving as we are!

Your Moment of Panic

Has God ever helped you through a moment of sheer panic or terror? Sometimes we're faced with sudden, unforeseen, and extreme circumstances, and the only thing we can do is cry out to Jesus for help. If you have a testimony like this, we'd love to hear about it and share it on a future Miracle Monday.

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