Songs in Translation

Written by Sister Michelle Watson on Thursday, April 03, 2014. Posted in Trivia/Games

Songs in Translation

A while back, I was asked to prepare a fun activity for the women of the Pacific Region Ladies' Circle to do at our recent retreat. I don't know how this crazy idea came to me, but I thought I'd share it with you all.

Below are the names of popular songs from our hymnbooks, but I've translated them into a different language — Shakespeare! I've flowered up the titles and replaced all the normal words with fancy words.

So grab your thesaurus and see if you can guess which titles are which.

The first person to email us with the most correct answers wins! We'll post the winner's name and the answers tomorrow.

1. Tally thy various gifts
2. Impart thy chief possessions unto the ruler
3. One day, thy people make vocal projections on the Alps of God
4. Load my chalice to capacity, my liege
5. I have a luxurious dwelling beyond that apex of earth
6. Cans't thou? Inquired the Lord
7. Illuminate the nook in which thou art
8. I adore rehearsing the tale
9. Art thou doused in the sanguine liquid?
10. Will the group flock to the stream?
11. The congregation of believers that belongs to us all
12. A deluge of God's gifts is imminent
13. Whence the godly persons stomp into paradise
14. Reclining on the immortal appendages
15. A heavenly messenger descends
16. Elevated earth
17. Approach and feast
18. Triumph in the Son of Man
19. Oh, cheerful 24 hours
20. Fail to eschew me

Stay tuned tomorrow for the answers!

Editor's Note: It is not our intention to make fun of hymns. Our intention is to provide a fun game that tests our vocabulary and our knowledge of the songs we sing.

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