Safety of My Father's Arms

Written by GospelBlog on Monday, January 26, 2015. Posted in Miracles

Safety of My Father's Arms

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Sister Lucetta Scaglione, Monongahela, PA

I was walking up the stairs from the basement with a load of clothes in my arms. Some were on hangers. As I neared the top, the hangers hit the door frame and caused me to lose my balance. As I began to fall backwards, I felt myself being lifted up in the air and landed on the floor at the foot of the stairs. If the Lord hadn't taken me in his arms, I would have hit every step and been seriously injured. I only received a few minor injuries. My husband was standing at the top of the stairs and said that it seemed as if I floated through the air until I hit the bottom.

Sister Lauren Wolff, Mt. Laurel Branch, NJ

Snow had fallen the night before my usual 6 a.m. commute to work; the roads had become extremely icy. While driving around a curve, my car hit a patch of black ice, causing the car to spin out of control into the opposing lane. In the direction my car headed, there were large and small trees. My car missed the large tree by less than a foot and drove over the smaller trees, which lodged my car into an abrupt halt. This prevented my car from going into a ditch and hitting the trees in front and around me. I sustained no injuries; my car should have been totaled but was mechanically sound, only a few minor scratches. Had my car been a foot to the right when I slid off the road, I could have been seriously hurt or even killed. Two other people died at that curve. I thank God for His hand of protection

Baptism Testimonies Needed

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