Safe in the Fast Lane

Written by Brother Michael Zaino and Sister Dienna Rogers on Monday, March 18, 2019. Posted in Miracles

Safe in the Fast Lane

For today's Miracle Monday, we're bringing you two quick testimonies of God's protection on the road.

Submitted by Brother Michael Zaino

While I was driving on one of our major highways going about 55 mph, I was hit by a tractor trailer. I ended up in front of it, and it was kind of pushing me. Then I wrapped around the other side of it, facing the opposite direction. No cars were coming, which was a miracle. Then suddenly my car came to a complete stop without hitting the divider. The Lord stopped my car. The Lord spared me from a major accident! With just a scratch on my car.

Submitted by Sister Dienna Rogers

While driving to work one morning on the freeway, I approached a bobtail truck in front of me. I noticed the truck had several bikes tied behind the back of the tailgate. I had been behind the truck for a couple of minutes when I felt “something” tell me to move out of the lane. I always like to listen to my first instincts, and being raised in the church, I was taught that the Spirit of God speaks to you in this manner.

After I moved out of the lane, I passed the truck and looked in my rear-view mirror. It was then that I saw all the bikes had flown off the truck and into the lanes behind it! Had I not changed lanes when I did, I surely would’ve been involved in a bad accident or had one of the bikes tossed through my windshield. I immediately thanked God for sparing my life and protecting me while on my way to work. His love and grace is sufficient for me in all things!

Miracles on the Way

Sometimes we forget how hazardous driving can be, but the sheer number of miracles that have occurred to people while behind the wheel shows just how much we really do need God's protection in this way. Do you have a similar story to share? Click here to send it to us.

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