Remarkable Rigatoni

Written by Sister KarenJo Pandone on Monday, November 02, 2015. Posted in Miracles

Remarkable Rigatoni

We're kicking off our first missionary-themed Miracle Monday with a testimony from the journal of Brother Joseph Milantoni sent by Sister KarenJo Pandone. She says, "First miracle I ever witnessed personally. I remember standing next to Sister Maness as she turned the pasta in the roaster and I could see that as she turned she prayed. While she prayed I literally saw the roaster fill up to the top with pasta! I couldn't believe my eyes!"

December 26, 1970

Rose, Karen & I left the house for Muncey in my Plymouth, Leonard Lovalvo, David Majoris, Ken Staley & Joe Cotellesse followed in Leonard’s car. Today was our annual dinner at the Mission. Bro Sam & Sis Theresa Palermo were supplying the dinner. Sunday School was jammed with approx 100 adults & kids.

After Sunday School we began preparing for the dinner. Used the apartment to cook & set up the food, had an awful time with the plugs – we kept blowing fuses.

Dinner was rigatonis, ham & roast beef. Didn’t look like we were going to have enough food, the Palermo’s had brought 12 lbs of cooked pasta. It was almost done and there were still quite a few to feed. Sis Maness looked at the few remaining rigatonis & told Sis Theresa Palermo they were about to run out. Sis Maness than began to stir the macaroni and as she did the miracle of the 5 loaves and 2 fishes reoccurred. The pan was suddenly filled to the brim.

What a beautiful experience of God’s love for the poor among men!

The whole afternoon was a complete delight. Young and old, Lamanite and Gentile, all eating, socializing and working together. There was a lot of music with Ken Staley playing the piano and all our girls singing.

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