Reaching out to God in Prayer

Written by Brother Kevin Murphy on Tuesday, April 22, 2014. Posted in Miracles

Reaching out to God in Prayer

This week, we are continuing the topic from yesterday's Miracle Monday: God answers prayers. If you are struggling with an unanswered prayer, we hope that this week's articles encourage you to keep a firm grasp on your faith, looking forward to the day God answers.

Many years ago before I was a member of The Church of Jesus Christ, I received a great healing. I awoke one morning with a rash on my shoulder all the way around and under my arm connecting together at the top of my shoulder.

I went to the doctor to find that it was shingles. It was very painful and itched like crazy. The doctor prescribed a cream and told me that it could last up to a year or more.

I went to church with my girlfriend at the time, Stacy. We arrived at the little church building on Bay to Bay Ave. in Tampa. There were only a few of us and no elder present. I told those who were there of my issue with shingles.

They suggested that I call our elder, who was in Ohio at time. I wasn't sure this was going to help, but I was willing to do anything. I made the call, and he offered a prayer for me over the phone as the brothers and sisters present knelt to pray as well.

During the prayer, I felt a hot almost burning sensation go all the way around where the rash was. The next day, I got up from bed to find that all that remained of the rash was one little spot on the top of my shoulder. The prayer of faith availed much. We serve a powerful God who hears the prayers of His people.

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  • Bethany


    19 June 2014 at 14:42 |
    I remember this night. It was quite powerful! My prayer is The Lord will remind my dad of how He used him that night. :)


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