Prayers Big and Small, God Hears Them All

Written by Brother Rich on Thursday, March 20, 2014. Posted in Devotional

Prayers Big and Small, God Hears Them All

God always answers prayer. No matter what is prayed for — a healing, help with something, blessings on others — there is always an answer. It doesn't matter the size of the situation. He'll always take care of us. Two things recently happened in my life where prayers were answered almost immediately. One could be considered a pretty serious issue, while the other was a small thing.

The other day while changing my son's diaper, I noticed a mark on his body. It looked like a blister, but it wasn't where you would expect something like that. I immediately said a short prayer that God would take care of it and finished changing him into his PJs.

Later that evening, I researched what I'd seen. There were many postings about similar issues other infants and toddlers had, and they were not very pleasant to say the least. I started to worry a little but quickly caught myself and prayed again. I asked God that if it would be His will, the mark would be gone in the morning. If not, that He would direct us to get the correct medical attention required.

I went to sleep confident that everything would be OK. The next morning, Tracy changed him and got him ready for the day. I asked her about the mark. She said it was gone. I praised God! I had the day off and I looked for myself when I changed him later on. Sure enough, the mark was gone and has not returned since. God took care of it!

As for the second experience, some of you may be familiar with CrossFit. I've been doing it for two years now and have really enjoyed it and the effects it has had on my life. I lost a significant amount of weight and have been much healthier. There was a competition at the gym I attend recently, and a specific movement was required in the event called double-unders.

Double-unders are where you have to jump rope with the rope going under your feet twice every jump. There are movements that I can do just fine, but this is not one of them. I told Tracy I might as well not go. I didn't want to quit, though, so I asked God for help. Mind you, I didn't ask that I would be the best or an expert. I asked Him to help me not make a fool of myself in front of the rest of my gym-mates.

As the event started, I never once got frustrated or upset at myself. I just kept on doing my best. By the time it was all over, I had done 50 of them. I was ecstatic. The number was nowhere near the top of the leader board, but God helped me to do my best and be happy with that. He gets all the glory, honor, and praise.

So bottom line, no matter how serious or trivial the situation is, God always answers prayers and is there for us.

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