Prayer Warrior or Prayer Worrier?

Written by Sister Erin Light on Wednesday, July 15, 2015. Posted in Devotional

Prayer Warrior or Prayer Worrier?

I've begun to realize that my prayers have a tendency to be driven by my worries. "Dear Lord, please help me so I don't _____," and "Dear God, I worry ____ in my life won't work out."

I know I'm supposed to be a prayer warrior, but sometimes I find that I'm more of a "prayer worrier."

My life is full of what-if scenarios and the anticipation of what might go wrong next. I expect rough patches. I stress and try to plan in order to avoid unpleasant surprises. I struggle to release control, and I worry if God will answer me the way I think it should be handled.

Hmm ... But wait, doesn't God provide food for the birds and water for the flowers? How much more does He want to bless my life? (Matthew 6:28-30) When I pray, I know I should leave my request in God's capable hands and stop biting my nails over it.

Now that I've acknowledged my impulse to fret — "Hi, my name is Erin, and I am a Prayer Worrier" — I am working to improve my daily communication with God. He certainly doesn't want me to be anxious all the time. He wants me to learn to rely on His perfect timing and how to pray with patience.

But not everyone prays for the same reasons, with the same purpose, or in the same manner. Some people pray when life is good and forget to pray when life gets difficult, while others pray fervently when problems arise, but they don't pray as often when life is smooth sailing. Some pray absentmindedly, and some forget altogether.

Tomorrow, I'm going to follow up with a list of "prayer personalities." So, get ready to answer the question, "Which Kind of Pray-er Are You?"

FYI: "Pray-er" (noun) a person who prays. Not to be confused with "prayer" (noun) an address made to God.

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