Please God First, Not Other People

Written by An Original Atlantic Coast Member on Thursday, December 28, 2017. Posted in Devotional

Please God First, Not Other People

Today's article is Part 4 in a series about meekness written by an Original Atlantic Coast Member.

Many people seem to be overly concerned about how they "look" to others. This should actually be our least concern. Our major concern instead should be how we "look" to God.

He is the only one who knows our deepest being — our heart and soul — so therefore, He also knows our true intentions.

We can never satisfy other people on the planet because they don't have the capacity to know what our deepest heart and soul intentions are. They will never be 100 percent happy with things we may do.

If we continue to live according to the guidance and direction of the Holy Ghost, then we don’t have to worry about how we look to others. We realize that other people can never fully understand us no matter how hard they try because they don't have the Highest Mind that God does.

So, it's fruitless to keep trying to do things for the sake of how it looks on the outside. We will always end up falling short in the end. When it comes to God, however, we can count on having much mercy from Him. He can see our weaknesses, and He understands why they are there. If we sincerely and meekly desire to have those weaknesses taken away, then He is always there to help us do so.

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