One for the Dogs

Written by Sister Stefanie on Tuesday, March 25, 2014. Posted in Devotional

One for the Dogs

My husband and I adopted a dog named Milo from an animal shelter. The shelter was not helpful in providing us with any information about him, other than he was house broken and wasn't a fan of cats.

Those two facts were indeed true; however, what they didn't tell us was that he's an alpha and considers himself the leader of the pack. He wasn't socialized as a puppy. He can jump a 6-foot fence, and he will jump up on you and gnaw on your arm when he's excited or needs to be let out, and he was most likely abused to some degree by a man because he's leery of them. Unfortunately, we figured these things out the hard way.

Milo is a large dog (80 pounds), so when he gets excited and jumps on you or wants to chase after a squirrel or gets agitated and goes after another dog or a man he thinks he's protecting me from, it's more problematic than if he was 20 to 30 pounds. We tried to train him on our own based on material we found online. When we needed more help, we hired a dog trainer to help us control him better, and it made things easier. When we had other concerns, we met with the dog trainer again.

Overall, Milo is a goof of a dog who loves to play and lay around all day, but on occasion, especially when introducing him to new situations, he can get aggressive. According to our trainer, he is trainable, and we just need to be cautious and be consistent with his training. We've had him for over a year and despite how frustrated and discouraged we can get with him, we love him and he's become part of our family.

I was thinking that this must be how God feels with us. As frustrated as He might get with us, He never gives up on us.

Some of us might not have been socialized in the Gospel since we were babies, but that doesn't mean God loves us any less. Even those of us who were born and raised in the Gospel need to be trainable, keeping an open mind and allowing God to come into our lives. God is consistent; He doesn't change. "[He] is the same yesterday, and to day, and for ever" (Hebrews 13:8).

God is always there, and we can turn to Him and talk with Him for help on our own. Sometimes that might not be enough, so He puts people and tools (i.e. the Holy Spirit, friends, ministers, the scriptures, and even the Gospel Blog) in our lives to help uplift us and lead, guide, and direct us on the path He wants us to take. We are human, so we slip up and fall time and time again, but God always forgives and loves us regardless of what we do.

After all, we are His sons and daughters and part of His family.

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