O Holy Night: Christmas Playlist 2018

Written by Brother Rich Nath on Thursday, December 13, 2018. Posted in Special Series

O Holy Night: Christmas Playlist 2018

"O Holy Night" has been one of my favorite Christmas hymns since I can remember. Though, I can't say that I've heard it sung during congregational singing much. Maybe that's because it's a tough song to sing since much of it is written in higher notes. It surely isn't because of the words or the message that the song brings, which is one of hope and salvation.

The song has a special meaning in my heart for what it inspired about 10 years ago. Right around the start of the holidays, my family was struggling with an issue.

One morning on the way to work, "O Holy Night" was on the radio. When it reached the words, "fall on your knees," the Spirit fell on me and I began to weep. I started to pray aloud to God and knew that we, as a family, needed to fast and pray and to specifically fall on our knees before the Lord for the problem we faced.

We did so, and while the problem didn't go away completely, there was peace and our prayers were answered.

This song also means a lot to my wife. She used to sing it every year on Christmas Eve at her church. The last time she did was six years ago, when she sang it as a duet with her father. It turned out to basically be a trio, as that was the Christmas she was pregnant with our son.

He is our miracle baby, and to this day I'm reminded of that night when I hear the song played. Maybe someday he'll be able to sing it with his mom during the Sunday School Christmas program, which will make me fall to my knees in thanksgiving to God.

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