Not a Morning Person

Written by Sister Vicki Ali on Thursday, May 08, 2014. Posted in Devotional

Not a Morning Person

I am not a morning person, but rather one of those people described as "Instant human. Just add coffee." Before my initial java intake level reaches the bottom line shown in this photo, I consider the phrase "Good morning" an oxymoron.

Good news. I do not stay in this negative state long. I perk up, but it is a slow, unwinding process that cannot be rushed for people wired like me. So against my very nature, I get up an hour before I need to get ready for work, as every fiber of my being cries to stay in bed until the last possible second.

And here's what happens between the lines you see pictured in the coffee mug. I read the blog you are reading right now. I pick up my favorite devotional books and read the associated scriptures. I skim social media. Oh no! Red flags just went up and some would argue that social media does not belong in this setting. But the operative word here is skim. It's not the time for long videos or articles or to get distracted by clicking on multiple links. (I avoid Pinterest at this time for this very reason).

When I first open social media in this quiet time, I flick through the posts by my night owl and other-time-zone friends that I missed while sleeping. As I did this today, I noticed something else very cool happening. Scripture verses and inspirational thoughts began popping up as they were shared by others at that very minute. I realized I am not alone in this routine and envisioned God's people all over lighting candles in a very dark world. They are recharging batteries, strapping on armor for the day ahead, and sharing God's word.

That is one way of being that city on the hill, pushing back the dark (even the darkness of sleep) and being a small flame of light, which may make all the difference in the world to someone who can't find their way.

I wrap up my quiet time in prayer, with fresh names to bring before my Father. I am inspired by the candles just lit, and I'm full of thanksgiving. Usually by this time, I head up the stairs with a spring in my step humming a song to sing through my upcoming shower (mercifully my only solo singing venue). Not bad for a morning hater.

Here's what I was singing this morning.

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  • Teri-Lyn Tunno

    Teri-Lyn Tunno

    08 May 2014 at 18:39 |
    OH I LOVE IT!!! I actually am pretty much the opposite. lol! I am a morning person and can be pretty chipper as soon as I wake up. But I thank God for all the very special NAM Persons in my life!! They usually more than make up for the morning later in the day. :) I loved how you did a type and shadow with the FB posts!! I do a lot of skimming too as time is passing so quickly and I do not often get to the morning posts. When I do try in the morning, I find it is easier for time to pass even more quickly and I end up rushing to get to work. I have received many blessings though from all the scriptures posted, the pictures of baptisms and the Saints around the world as well as videos of meetings from all over. There are many times when I have even been moved to tears whether it is be from something that has moved me or from laughter over bantering among the brothers and sisters. I send out a "Thank You" to all that make posts on FB to encourage and remind us what a wonderful God we serve!! AWESOME job Sis. Vicki!!


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