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A few nights ago, I watched the movie "Noah." I hadn't seen the movie trailer, but when my friends asked me to go, I said yes. I figured it would be like "The Ten Commandments" and "The Passion of Christ," two movies that depict biblical stories fairly accurately.

I don't intend for this post to be a movie review, and I don't want my opinion to deter anyone who is planning on watching the movie, but I was so disappointed and upset by the film that I had a difficult time going to bed afterward. The movie had the basic elements from the Noah story: Noah building an ark, two of every animal species going into it, the flood, Noah being drunk with wine. I'm an engineer and fitness professional, so my artistic side really lacks, but, in my opinion, the movie either completely missed or twisted around the important parts of the story.

Noah is one of my favorite men from the Bible. God was so unhappy with the human population, save it be for one family, that He decided to destroy everything on earth and start again. He asked Noah to build the ark because He was going to send a flood and destroy the earth with the exception of two of every species of animals, Noah, his wife, and his three sons and their wives. From there, they would start again.

Even as improbable as it seemed (rain had never fallen before), Noah did what God told him to do. It took him years to build the ark (close to 100). Can you imagine the criticism Noah must have dealt with from his neighbors, friends, and probably even his family? Regardless, Noah did it. God fulfilled His promise, flooded the earth, and destroyed everything but what was in the ark. Noah, his family, and the animals started again, and they were blessed.

There are many other scriptural stories where God tells His people to do something big, sometimes giving up everything and heading into the wilderness. Lot and his family and Lehi and his family are two examples of this. Many of the branches in our church started because the founding elder was told to move to that part of the country and do His work there. What would happen if those brothers and sisters had refused to do what God asked of them?

If God tells me to do something, regardless of how off the wall it might seem, I have to be like Noah and do it. God always fulfills His promises, and He takes care of those who love and serve Him. What better way to serve God than to simply do what He asks? After all, look at everything He does for me each and every day!

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