More Missionary Miracles

Written by IMOC on Wednesday, January 14, 2015. Posted in Miracles

More Missionary Miracles

Yesterday, we shared several experiences from the IMOC, and we've got more for you today. God is truly working with our brothers and sisters outside of the U.S. Yesterday, we asked you to find the common thread in all three experiences. It was that each one involved the rebuking of an evil spirit. Today's experiences have a common thread, too. Can you see it?

From India

A man in Jajalakunta started foaming at the mouth and fell ill during the preaching of a message. Immediately, the ministry went to him and rebuked the spirit of infirmity that was on him. Within a few seconds after the prayer, he became better and was able to stand.

From Liberia

Arthur Clarke, who was instrumental in requesting The Church of Jesus Christ come to Liberia became very ill during the first exploratory trip to Liberia with a bad headache during one of the training sessions. He could not keep his eyes open or his head up to even listen to the training being conducted. The class was meeting under a mango tree. Mr. Clarke was asked if he would like to be anointed and prayed for. He mentioned never seeing or hearing anything of anointing with oil for sickness. His answer was 'yes' and was anointed with the blessed oil and prayed for. Immediately under the hands of the ministry he was healed and thanked God for that blessing. A beautiful experience to confirm the power of healing. He was baptized during this missionary trip and later ordained an elder.

From Ecuador

We arrived at Alfredo's home to find him in severe pain. He had dislocated his shoulder from a fall. He couldn't go to the doctor because he didn't want to lose his job. We anointed him, asking the Lord to heal his broken body. He was supposed to be off work today but was called into work. We hope to see him tomorrow renewed. He did receive relief, but by Sunday morning he had full movement of his arm!

Next stop was Bro. Colon. We found him very sick, not being able to move very much. We anointed him. A vision was given to one of the brothers. He saw the mountains of Quito covered with dark clouds, the prayer continued, the clouds were lifted off the mountains and the sunshine returned. He received an instant healing and rose from his chair feeling much better."

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