Mo' Money Miracles

Written by Sister Cindy Bright, Sister Gelsa Staley, and Sister Enza Pusillo on Monday, December 29, 2014. Posted in Miracles

Mo' Money Miracles

We hope you enjoyed the Virtual Christmas Program last week! Today, we're bringing our money-related Miracle Mondays to a close with testimonies from several sisters from around The Church.

Sister Cindy Bright

My husband and I were very young. He was new into the Air Force, and we had two small boys. I did not work — at least I did not get paid for my work. We had enough money to get by, but it really bothered me that I was not making an effort to give money towards my donation for the church. My husband, who is not a member, was the only one bringing in the income, so I wasn't sure how to approach this.

I made it a matter of prayer. I knew I hadn't given for the past three months, so I asked the Lord if He'd bless me with that exact amount some way somehow. I didn't share this with anyone except the Lord.

One Sunday after church, I was going through my purse, and came across some cash that I knew was not mine. I called our presiding elder and explained the problem to him.

It just so happened that the brother who the Lord inspired to give me money was visiting at the presiding elder's house. The brother explained that the Lord allowed him to know that I was in need of some money, so he asked a sister to put the cash in my purse. It was the exact amount of money I had asked the Lord for.

I, of course, began to cry because right away because I remembered my prayer. I shared this with the elder and then I shared my prayer with my husband. This was a lesson for me to give to the Lord first and He will provide for my needs.

Sister Gelsa Staley

During the time that I cared for my mom, I worked part-time so that I could be home for her as much as possible. After she passed away, I lost the benefit of her income, which paid most of our household bills. To make matters worse, my boss kept cutting my hours. This one particular day, I was driving home and crying to my daughter-in-law, saying that I did not know how I was going to make ends meet. I was very distraught and felt very much alone.

I went to the mailbox that day and found an envelope from the IRS. My first reaction was, "Oh no, can this day get any worse?" To my surprise, inside was a check for approximately $1,400. I read the accompanying letter, and it said that I had overpaid my taxes and not only were they refunding the money I sent them but all the taxes I paid that year.

I called the person who prepared my taxes to see if we had made a mistake. She reviewed everything and said there was no mistake on our part. Not wanting to keep money that did not belong to me, I asked her if I should return it. She said, "You can, but they will not know what to do with it, and it will take years to sort it out." She advised I wait for them to request the money back. That was seven years ago. They never asked for it back. That money paid my mortgage and bills for the month.

I can truly say the Lord took care of me then and is still taking care of me now.

Testimony of Sister Nina Traina submitted by her daughter, Sister Enza Pusillo

A neighbor had died and a collection was taken to help with funeral expenses. My mother, having one of the most giving and generous of hearts, went to her wallet and took out what she had, which was abound $2.50, and gave it.

After they left, she realized that it was early in the week, and she did not have any more money to go to the store or to buy milk. She began to cry, asking the Lord what were they going to do. At this point, there were three of us, and my youngest sister was still drinking milk from a bottle. My father would not get paid again till Friday.

I don't remember if it was later that same day or the next, but Brother Jim Mercurio, an elder in our branch, stopped by asking if my father, Brother Sal, was home. My mother told him no but that he would be coming home shortly and to come in and wait.

Being a very proper man, he declined since my father was not home yet and told her he had something for her. He handed her an envelope, telling her that the Lord had provided him with a day's work — he was retired at this point — and that if the Lord gave him work, it was because there was a need.

As my mother opened the envelope she saw a $5 bill, and he told her, "Go buy milk for the baby." My mother began to cry and told him what had transpired and that there was indeed no money to buy milk for the baby.

I can truly say as my own testimony that as I saw my mom always share whatever we had from her heart, even through some very lean times, we never went with out and our needs were always provided for.

Psalm 37:25: "I have been young, and now am old; yet have I not seen the righteous forsaken, nor his offspring begging bread."

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