Miracle Monday Rewind: The Incredible Shrinking Wound

Written by Sister Stefanie on Monday, January 13, 2014. Posted in Miracles

Miracle Monday Rewind: The Incredible Shrinking Wound

Today, we're continuing with our Miracle Monday Rewind where we're sharing the Miracle Mondays from the blog's first month in March 2012. Please help us prepare for next month by contributing your own testimonies!

Today's article is written by Sister Stefanie, and it was orignially titled "The Incredible Shrinking Wound."

Miracles don't always have to be big, grandiose events; there are small miracles that happen every day. I learned this when I was a young girl, about 8 or 9 years old.

I was at a Girl Scouts camping trip, and on the first afternoon I was playing with some of the girls on a miniature golf course. There was a wooden wishing well that had a rotating handle. Not paying attention, I was staring into the well while a girl turned the large handle. The corner of the handle hit me on my eyelid, deeply gashing it.

I was immediately taken to the nurse's station, where it was determined that I needed to be rushed to the hospital because the gash was very deep, requiring at least a couple of stitches.

I was raised to believe we turn to God first in an emergency, so I did the only thing that I knew would help: I prayed. When I arrived at the hospital, I went into the ladies room and prayed with all my heart that I would not need stitches because I was scared that it would hurt.

Soon after coming out of the ladies room, I was called into another room so the doctor could see me. The doctor examined my eye and told me that if the cut was even a millimeter wider, I would have damaged my eye and if it was even a smidge deeper, I would have needed stitches. But the way the cut was, I just needed to let it heal on its own.

When I got back to the camp and saw the nurse who had initially examined me, she looked at my wound again and said that the gash had been deeper when I had first come to her. She declared me one lucky girl.

I knew it wasn't luck. It was a blessing. God loved me enough to perform a miracle for a scared little girl.

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