Melodies with Meaning: I Am Yours

Written by Sister Mallory McNamara on Thursday, June 18, 2020. Posted in Music & Singalongs

Melodies with Meaning: I Am Yours

Here's the next installment of "Melodies with Meaning," where our columnists tell you about some of their favorite spiritual songs. Today, we're hearing from Sister Mallory.

God has always spoken to me through song. I’ve loved music since I can remember, but my main focus has never been the music itself. I tend to focus on the lyrics.

The song “I Am Yours” by Lauren Daigle is a favorite of mine for two reasons.

First, it’s comforting in times of uncertainty.

You are God over the storm
And I am Yours

Those two lines alone are a reminder to me that God has everything under control. Though I may feel overwhelmed, there is no storm that could overwhelm Him. There is no problem that He can’t solve. I’m His. He chose me (and you) and has promised to be there when we need it most.

The second reason I love this song is that it motivates me to rely on and increase my faith.

Let the waters rise
I will stand as the oceans roar
Let the earth shake beneath me
Let the mountains fall

The writer is welcoming the storm! I don’t know about you, but that’s not something I do on a regular basis. As far as I’m concerned, the storm can stay right where it is, far away from me, thank you very much. But, we if we rely on our faith and truly believe that God is in the matter, then we shouldn’t be afraid of what’s to come. We should strive to have so much faith that we can confidently exclaim, “Bring on the storm!”

As you listen to this song, I hope it reminds you of who is in control. I hope it fills you with hope and faith and joy in knowing you are His.

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