Meet the Pillars: Brother Ken Jones

Written by Sister Zarella Mosqueda on Thursday, April 19, 2018. Posted in Generation Gap Interviews

Meet the Pillars: Brother Ken Jones

Today, we're bringing you another Meet the Pillars interview with Brother Ken Jones from Fort Worth, Texas. (What's Meet the Pillars?)

A Little About Our Brother

Our dear Brother Ken Jones grew up in Pennsylvania and was baptized at the young age of 11. Shortly after his baptism, he and his family moved to California where he resided for almost his entire life until moving to Texas in 2007, where he now lives with his dear wife Sister Bennie.

From a young age, Brother Ken knew that his work was in California. After arriving in California, he was ordained a deacon and then a teacher and then a minister in 1980. He has always had a heart for the Lord.

What Kind of Missionary Work Have You Been Involved With?

After being ordained a minister in the Anaheim Branch, Brother Ken noticed that there were quite a few elders in the branch, so he felt to ask the Lord if any other branch or mission needed help. Soon after, he felt to ask if assistance was needed in the Santa Ana Mission. They graciously accepted the help immediately! A few years later, the Santa Ana Mission was flourishing with over 100 members and three newly ordained ministers.

Bro Ken Jones 3

Brother Ken continued to obey the Lord’s call when he was asked to go to Riverside. Our brother was hesitant at first to leave the Santa Ana Mission, but the Lord gave him a dream where he was standing at the door of the Santa Ana Mission waving goodbye. Our brother clearly understood the Lord’s message and left to serve at the Riverside Mission. Brother Ken confidently stated, “God was telling me it was OK to go to Riverside and start the mission there.”

The Riverside mission had its humble beginnings around Brother Ken’s kitchen table, and then it grew into the entire dining room, kitchen, living room, and finally they had to have Sunday services in the backyard. The mission quickly grew to about 55 members. After fixing some fire damage to the building they had been renting, the owner decided to sell, and the brothers and sisters from the Riverside Mission joined what is now the Yucaipa Branch, where they were happily welcomed.

Our dear Brother Ken now resides in Texas where he serves at the Fort Worth Branch. He shares that he has always had a love for the seed of Joseph. “It just felt natural.”

Bro Ken Jones 2

Advice for Young People

“Get closer to God!”


“Get on your knees and express your desire to God. He will answer, He will take care of it.”

How the Lord Brought Him Through Turbulent Times

“I once worked for a print shop where the manager disliked me for being a Christian. He would give me a hard time, and it got to the point where I couldn’t take it anymore, so I went to God in prayer. I asked the Lord to take care of the issue. I went home Friday night, and Monday morning my manager was nowhere to be found. My manager had been fired over the weekend. God took care of the problem.

Bro Ken Jones 4

Any Other Thoughts to Share With the Saints?

“When I was first baptized, I had a dream. I found myself in a log cabin, and I saw the word of God on the table. A beautiful, elderly man appeared and pointed to the word of God and said to me, “Read as much as you can.” So I did, and God inspired my mind and heart to do things for Him that a normal man wouldn’t do. For example, I was happy in Santa Ana, but little did I know that there were some families in Riverside that wanted to hear the Gospel. I was comfortable in Santa Ana. Things were going great, and we were having baptisms every other week, but I knew God was leading me to Riverside, so I went and God greatly blessed us. My desire is that we all trust and obey the Lord when He speaks and directs us.”

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