Kids' Question of the Month – October

Written by Sister Vicki Ali on Thursday, October 29, 2015. Posted in Special Series

Kids' Question of the Month – October

When I was a little girl, Sister Lucy passed out butterscotch candies to all the kids in church. At region meetings, you'd find a pack of Wrigley's gum in Brother Buzzy's handshake.

Brother Jess and Sister Ruth gave me quarters to buy cheeseburgers after midweek church services, and when I was older, took me to GMBA campouts when my parents could not.

Sister Yolanda taught me how to make gnocchi. These are just a few of my fondest memories of my church family loving me.

For our own kids, there were hugs and encouragement for good report cards and progress with musical instruments. Surprise packages of books sometimes showed up in the mail from Sister Alice and Sister Darlene (both teachers). There were holiday treat bags from Brother Chris and Sister Jen, who also cheered from the sidelines at their sporting events.

And when our daughter studied abroad for a semester, she was showered with so many cards and love from the brothers and sisters that her travel classmates wanted to know who all those people were and where they could get love like that!

Love like that abounds in The Church of Jesus Christ. Whether it's a hug, high-five, or just some enthusiastic interest in the Thomas the Train that a little one is pushing around in a pew, kids thrive on love and attention. It shows them they belong, they matter and they are treasured in the family of God.

This was quite evident this month in the responses when we asked kids, "Who is your favorite grown-up at church (not related to you) and why?"

Enjoy what they had to say — and a few adorable pictures of the kids with their special grown-ups!

Irvine, California

Cattee H. (age 9) “Brother Joe Nicosia because he is always there to help everyone and he calls you when you’re sick…he is very kind and just cares about everyone!”

Victoria K. (7) “Sister Jerrica Huttenberger because she teaches me about God and she’s fun and sweet. She is sweeter than 1,000 cupcakes!”

Isabella K. (10) “Sister Michelle Watson because she makes me laugh. She is nice and she smiles so pretty when I talk to her. Also Sister Lori Picciuto for being so caring."

Jacob W. (7) “Brother Joe Nicosia because he is always giving out $1 bills and hugs."

Caleb W. (3) “Sister Carolyn Rouleau because she has snacks and money too."

Hudson M. (4) "Sister Michelle Watson because she has a little baby like Maverick (his brother)."

Abigail M. (4) "Brother Joe Nicosia because he gives out dollars and hugs and never forgets them. And he sings the Songs of Zion."

Pinetop, Arizona

Isaiah C. (4) “Brother Emil and Sister Kathy Palensar because they love me.”

Robby P. (9) “Sister Berni King because she is nice.”

Dylan P. (8) “I like Sister Rachel Cotellesse because she teaches us and is nice.”

Yucaipa, California

Samaura C. (10) "Sister Cheryl L. because she's caring and has a good heart."

Isaiah G. (7) "Sister Cheryl L. because she is nice to me."

Lilah Z. (7) "Sister Guille M. because she's very nice to me and she's been praying for all of us."

KQM Oct 3

Moses Z. (8) "Brother John V. because he's kind."

KQM Oct 4

Eva Z. (6) "Samantha P. because she's pretty."

KQM Oct 5

Adam L. (5) "Sister Donna V. because she has Levi (her son) and she plays the piano and she always takes good care of me."

KQM Oct 6

Josephine S. (3) "Sis. Monica Z. because I have fun with her."

KQM Oct 7

Hollywood Branch, Florida

Angelika K. "Sister Kathy Kirschenpfad, because she gives us good Sunday school lessons. Also, Sister Gissette because she is a very kind person."

KQM Oct 1

Joshua C. "My favorite person in the church is Brother Scott Griffith because he is close to my brother (Brother Isaac Catone), and my father, (Brother John Catone). He is nice and has a lot of gifts from God. Brother Scott is very rich spiritually."

KQM Oct 2 collage

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  • Stacey Yates

    Stacey Yates

    01 November 2015 at 09:48 |
    My favourite people in the Six Nations church when I was young was, Bro John Straccia because he always sang our favourite songs on the guitar to get our spirits up! And Bro Joe Cotalesse always picked up us and our friends who wanted to come to church so we could share the gospel with others.


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