Kids' Question of the Month – June

Written by Sister Michelle Watson on Wednesday, July 13, 2016. Posted in Special Series

Kids' Question of the Month – June

When you were little, did your parents (or grandma or Uncle Bob) have to drag you to church kicking and screaming, or were you the first one in the car ready to leave on Sunday morning?

Chances are that your answer isn't as simple as these two polar opposites. Maybe you liked attending church when you knew there would be a kids' class or a potluck lunch. Perhaps church was more difficult when you were smaller and constantly squirming in your seat, and it got easier when you finally grew tall enough to see over the pews to get a good view of the goings on.

Now that you're an adult, you go to church of your own free will — nobody makes you — but it's interesting to remember back to those days when churchgoing was simply a given. What made an impression on you so that the adult version of yourself now attends freely?

This month, we asked the kids, "In your opinion, what's the best thing about coming to church and why?" Here's what they said.

Edison, New Jersey

Andrew Tenorio (10 years old) – Enjoying the Spirit of God, listening to the testimonies to know how God works in many ways. Listening to the godly music and love playing the music. Church is God's house. I want to be in God's house.

David Tenorio (9) – To listen to the meetings.

Elizabeth Tenorio (11) – Sunday school and singing.

Pinetop, Arizona

Robby (10) – I get to learn about God.

Dylan (8) – To learn about God. Because God is the best thing in the world.

Thea (9) – Learning about God.

Fara (10) – Praying to God so that he will protect us.

Zandell (9) – Praying.

Yucaipa, California

Adam (6) – Seeing the brothers and sisters.

Caileen (10) – Seeing my grandpa.

Calani (9) – Singing.

Chloe (4) – Coming with my grandpa.

Isaiah (8) – Crafts.

Samaura (11) – Learning about how God is good.

Moses (9) – Learning about God and that He is great.

Lilah (8) – Sunday school.

Eva (6) – seeing all the people and playing.

Josiah (9) – Sunday school.

So, if you teach Sunday school or sing or pray or just bring a child with you, then consider the impact you're making. It could be that child's favorite part about church.

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    Suzanne Beeman

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    Out of the mouth of babes.


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