Jesus on Campus

Written by Dana Bautista on Monday, September 08, 2014. Posted in Miracles

Jesus on Campus

We're well into September, but we're still going strong with school-related miracles. We hope these bring you comfort and joy as you or your little ones start the 2014-2015 academic year. Today's miracle comes from Dana Bautista. Click here to share a marriage miracle for next month — more details below.

So, today (Sept. 2) was my first day of high school. My oldest sister already graduated, and my brother was a dropout, and my other sister is in grade 12. I was praying that everything would go smoothly, that I would like my classes, that I would know people on my bus, etc.

So, I was praying my heart out that everything would go smoothly, and I had a dream last night.

I was walking to my bus stop, and I had angels around me. I asked the Lord if He would be my tour guide, and in my dream, the bus took me to school, and there was a man in a white robe waving for me to come over.

I went over, and He walked me to my classes. I took it that Christ was being my tour guide. I didn't see His face, but I took it to mean that Christ was there just like I asked Him to be.

The first day of school without the Lord, I think, would have been a challenge, but — as everyone says — it's always easier to face challenges with the Lord by your side. Thank you, Lord, for getting me through my first day of high school!

Wanted: Marriage Miracles

We've received a few marriage-related miracles, but we need more for next month. Please send us any testimonies you want to praise God for. It doesn't just have to be an experience where God confirmed who you were going to marry. It can be anything related to marriage. Click here to contribute!

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