It's a Time of Miracles

Written by Brother Rich Nath on Tuesday, December 02, 2014. Posted in Miracles

It's a Time of Miracles

There's a dialogue in a favorite movie of mine from the late '80s that goes something like this:

Character 1: ... you better be right, because it looks like this last one is going to take a miracle.

Character 2: It's Christmas ... It's the time of miracles ...

This came to me as I was thinking about what to write for the blog as we enter the Christmas season. Although miracles take place every day, regardless of the time of year, there is one particular miracle that happened during the holidays when I was child, a miracle that I didn't understand very well until I was older and that had a lasting effect on our family.

This event took place late in 1981 before my sister was born when my brother and I were kids. Mom went out Christmas shopping one evening while we stayed home with Dad. I remember Mom coming home shaking and crying. I didn't know why until the story was related to me years later.

That night, while on the way home, she was driving along River Road. Most of that road is unlit at night, as there are no streetlights. Mom was about three or four miles from home when she got to a dark bend in the road that also has a dip. As she came around the bend and up out of the dip, she saw a pickup truck in her lane coming right toward her! There was no time to swerve out of the way and no time to stop. In that instant she thought her life was over.

She immediately cried out to Jesus and closed her eyes, waiting for the inevitable collision. Only, it never happened. The literal next moment she was on the other side of the truck, still moving and still in her lane.

She opened her eyes and looked in her rearview mirror. The truck, behind her now, was still going and still in the wrong lane. Somehow, some way, Jesus saved her life. Whether she was picked up or transported or just allowed to go through the oncoming truck, Jesus saved her. There's no other explanation.

I'm a scientist by degree, and I've taken enough physics classes to know that a car just doesn't fly, and while teleportation is really neat in sci-fi shows, it doesn't exist. Yet that night Christ changed the laws of physics to keep my mother alive.

She shared the event with my father and us years later when we could understand. What a testimony to God's goodness and power! I praise Him because He allowed her to live, resulting in an addition to our family and the three of us being raised in The Church. Years later, He would work another miracle in her life, healing her of a rare stage 4 cancer.

Our God and Savior is truly awesome, and he truly loves His people! Let us not only remember that at this time of year as we give thanks and celebrate His birth, but let's also praise Him each and every day.

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  • Josie Jasmin

    Josie Jasmin

    02 December 2014 at 16:34 |
    I was so blessed to read this beautiful miracle. There isn't anything that God can't do. We serve an awesome God the Savior of the world.
    I have been the receiver and witness of many a miracle.
    Love in Christ,
    Sister Josie jasmin


  • Bro. Ken Lombardo

    Bro. Ken Lombardo

    03 December 2014 at 11:50 |
    Brother Rich, I had a similar experience while driving home from an evening MBA service more than ten years ago. We'd just sung Moment By Moment as our closing hymn, a hymn that'd been on our minds all day, and I was singing it in the car. In the chorus, I sang Moment By Moment I'm kept in His love, Moment By Moment, I've life from above,… just then a car suddenly tried to make a left turn right in front of me and, in one motion, I swerved my steering wheel to the right and to the left to stay on the road and to try to avoid it, but there certainly was no time or space to allow that… the funny thing is I was still singing as it happened so fast, so during the swerve,… Looking to Jesus tip glory doth shine… then back on the road, I, too, looked in my rear view mirror to see the car had made the turn and I marveled thinking the Lord had allowed our cars to pass through each other… I continued singing, Moment By Moment, Oh Lord, I am thine. And or course, weeping to consider the depth of meaning now applied to that lyric. I can't sing that hymn anymore without remembering that miracle. thanks for sharing your mom's testimony and reminding me.


  • Teri-Lyn Tunno

    Teri-Lyn Tunno

    04 December 2014 at 21:43 |
    What a BEAUTIFUL experience Bro. Rich!! Definitely one to tell to your children and their children about the wonderful love of God and what He will do for them. Bro. Ken's experience was just as BEAUTIFUL!! Thank you both for sharing how wonderful the love of God is!!


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