It Is Unwise to Compare

Written by An Original Atlantic Coast Member on Thursday, February 01, 2018. Posted in Devotional

It Is Unwise to Compare

Today, we're bringing you another article in a series on the topic of meekness by an "Original Atlantic Coast member." Enjoy!

Understanding why things are the way they are in our lives — on a deep level — is very beneficial for our overall contentment. Continually comparing ourselves with others, asking, “Why don’t I have that perfect relationship or that perfect job (or whatever else we are desiring)?” is the biggest injustice that we can do to ourselves.

Each of us has our own path to take in this life. Each of us has our own lessons to learn and conquer and our own growth in whatever way is needed for our specific circumstances and selves. While we are on this planet, we are on a journey back to God, who created us. We are all individual souls that He created. We each have our own strengths and weaknesses, which differ from person to person. This is why our lives are on different levels — it all has to do with which lessons we need to learn.

Maybe it is not meant for us to find our perfect mate or our perfect job until we have learned some specific lessons. Life should be like a school, allowing us to grow and conquer the weaknesses that we have. Therefore, constantly looking at others — and comparing our lives to theirs — is unwise and fruitless. This will only undermine what God is trying to do with us.

Also, if we are jealous of others, we will be more likely to experience conflict with them, potentially creating grudges. Keeping a grudge is, of course, not something from the Holy Spirit and is also very detrimental to us. If we hold on to something like that, it ends up festering within us — even affecting us in a physical way — by bringing on ailments in our bodies and minds.

If such a disagreement or conflict occurs, the wisest thing to do is to meditate on it and try to see the other person’s point of view as well as our own. There's always two sides to each situation. It's hardly ever the case where one person is 100 percent at fault. The Holy Spirit can allow us to see the other person's side and try to resolve such conflicts. If we let go of grudges rather than harbor them within us, then our relationships can be healed quickly and we can maintain our own happiness and peace of mind.

Rather than comparing ourselves to others and experiencing conflict and even grudges, let’s instead focus on His purpose for us as individuals. If we try to figure out what He wants our path and lessons to be, then we will gain contentment going forward. We will then know and see that the way our life is right now is the exact, perfect situation that God desires for us. He wants our soul to reach higher levels of growth, so let’s meekly follow the plan that God has laid out for us as individual souls.

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