Is There a Light in Your Pumpkin?

Written by Sister Erin Light on Thursday, October 31, 2013. Posted in Holidays

Is There a Light in Your Pumpkin?

It's Halloween, and we're re-blogging the poem that Sister Erin Light wrote last year. Enjoy and be safe tonight.

Thank God He Carves Pumpkins

It’s time for the trickers to be treating once again
All dressed up like mermaids, robots and Peter Pans
And many a child will be awaiting their turn
To carve out a bright shining Jack-O-Lantern!

Pumpkin carving’s been part of the Halloween frenzy
Since the Irish carved turnips in the 19th century.
But spiritually, how can we view this tradition today?
Does this custom affect us as Christians in any way?

In fact, we are all pumpkins in the eyes of God.
He scoured the field, picked us out, dusts us off.
He cleans off the dirt and muck we grew in,
And takes us back home to get rid of our sin.

Like a brand new start, God pries open our hearts.
He scoops out the seeds of doubt, worry and greed.
Just like our sin, he tosses our yucky insides away,
And He hollows out a place for His Presence to stay.

Then our merciful God starts to carve us anew.
He gives us a smile, a nose, an eye (or two!)
Then he lights a candle and puts it inside,
So that we can reflect Christ’s light through our eyes.

He sets us outside to be seen by every child,
A once-dirty pumpkin, now we’re carved with a smile.
We’ve been hand-picked by God to be an example
To light other’s way by our bright, burning candle.

Let your light so shine before all men
So they see your good works, and glorify God in Heaven.
Matthew 5:16 is such a great reminder
To love others, show kindness, and give praise to our Father.

Passing out candy represents our charity,
And walking door to door is like giving our testimony.
So let us be like pumpkins who’ve been changed from a gourd
To a smiling face that illuminates the world!

Thank God He carves pumpkins. I don't know where we'd be
Without Mr. Goodbar who takes care of every Peep!
Now go be a pumpkin, and spread the AlmondJoy!
Tell of Christ, the Lifesaver, to every girl and boy.

Hallelujah, the stone has been TootsieRolled away.
God is alive, spreading Good & Plenty blessings always!
We might have a Rocky Road along our Milky Way,
but we will endure every Sour Patch and Snickers, for our Cup'o Gold awaits!

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