In the Fold

Written by Sister Linda Scolaro on Wednesday, July 05, 2017. Posted in Special Series

In the Fold

We hope you all had a wonderful Fourth of July yesterday! Today, we're continuing campiversary with more from GMBA Campout at Cal U of PA.

GMBA 2017 Tues 1

The topic for Tuesday's camp seminars was "In the Fold." This topic is based on the parable of the lost sheep that were found in Luke 15:4-7. Verse 4 states, "What man of you, having an hundred sheep, if he lose one of them, doth not leave the ninety and nine in the wilderness, and go after that which is lost, until he find it?"

I asked the following sisters the question, "What does 'In the Fold' mean to you?"

Sister Betty D'Orazio, Metuchen, NJ Branch: "Being in the fold gives us a feeling of salvation and being 'In' with the Lord."

Sister Rose Milantoni, Branch 2 Detroit, Michigan: "I am in the safety zone."

Sister Cindy Hood, Mesa, AZ Branch: "The Lord has a blanket over me, and I am protected."

Sister Marlene Ciccati, San Diego, CA Branch: "Peace of mind."

Sister Mary Duncan, Mesa, AZ Branch: "I feel loved."

Sister Carol Monaghan, Aliquippa, PA Branch: "Complete joy."

Collectively, these sisters have a lot of wisdom and spiritual years in the church. They made their way to the camp to rejoice in being part of the fold.

What does "In the Fold" mean to you? Post a comment with your answer.

Remember, you can view pics of this year's camp as well as camps past when you search social media for #campiversary. You can also visit the GMBA camp website here.

GMBA 2017 Tues 2

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  • Brother Gary Thompson

    Brother Gary Thompson

    05 July 2017 at 09:45 |
    "In" The Fold to me means "Perfect Love, Such Perfect Love."

    The fact that GOD loved mankind enough to give HIS ONLY BEGOTTEN SON willingly for us is unfathomable. JESUS died for all of our sins, all of our sicknesses and all of our pains so that we could be "In" HIS fold.


  • Josie Jasmin

    Josie Jasmin

    05 July 2017 at 16:28 |
    "In The Fold"
    I fell a loving and tender warmth and longing for the gathering!


  • Suzanne Beeman

    Suzanne Beeman

    10 July 2017 at 09:09 |
    Being sheltered in the arms of God


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