Written by Sister Alena X. Ricci on Wednesday, April 02, 2014. Posted in Devotional


As children, we're told stories of things God has done that blows our minds. We've been told stories of Him sending ten plagues to Egypt, or even the fact that He created:

So we know God can do giant and crazy things. But here's the thing: I want those things. I want those only-God-could-have-done-this moments in my life.

I ask these huge things of the God of everything, but when I'm asked to build an ark, or march around a building for seven days, I scoff.

I laugh like Sarah.

I doubt like Thomas.

I make excuses like Moses first did when he was asked to free his people.

And after I'm done laughing at the God who made me, I realize that He's the same one who used Moses, a murderer, to split a sea. He let Peter, who denied Him outright, to walk on water.

He is the God who makes these huge gestures and made everything. And He is also the God who looks at us in all of our dirt and weakness and says,

"You can do the impossible."

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