If I Could Have Dinner With Brother Ishmael D’Amico

Written by Brother Richard Lowman on Thursday, March 21, 2019. Posted in Special Series

If I Could Have Dinner With Brother Ishmael D’Amico

We were recently blessed to host Sister Sharon Church at our home. I mention her name in order to introduce the person from church history with whom I would like to have dinner.

While Sister Sharon was with us, she gave me the gift of her father's and her grandfather’s testimony in booklet form. After reading these, you have no idea how I wished that I could have met these two gentlemen. Her grandfather was Brother Ishmael D’Amico. I read his story two times and then went on to share his testimony with many.

The reasons I would love to have dinner with him and have discussions with him are as follows:

Brother Ishmael D’Amico was not a rich man. He was very poor in the days he was alive. However, money never stopped him from doing the Lord’s work. He was very attentive to the Holy Spirit’s prompting, and where Brother Ishmael followed, the Lord always provided. How come it is that many times we are afraid to “step out of the boat” and step out on faith? Why can’t we be as in tune with the promptings of the Holy Spirit and then not only be a “hearer, but also a doer” of His direction? I want to ask Brother Ishmael how he was so in tune with the perfect will of the Lord.

Brother Ismael D’Amico was a man of miracles. He saw almost as many miracles (it seems) as the disciples when Jesus walked the earth. The outright miracles that accompanied Brother Ishmael when he was following the Spirit were undeniable. My question to Brother D’Amico would be: Why don’t we see the miracles that he did? There were many witnesses to his miracles, so none can be disputed. Do we not see the miracles today that he did because we don’t have the faith? Do we not have the same alignment with The Holy Spirit?

When you read Brother Ishmael’s testimony, you quickly come to realize that he was “sold out” to the Gospel and the Great Commission. He didn’t talk about doing the work; he did the work. Many times Brother Ishmael would leave his family behind and go and start a mission…West Detroit, East Detroit, Pennsylvania, Colorado, New York. Sometimes he would go across from east to west and sometime he would go to different states. He knew that the Lord’s work was the most important calling in his life. He knew that if he followed God’s plan all else would take care of itself. Is that faith available today?

How did it feel when a “hit” was put on him? Imagine that. In a time not so long ago we had a member in our church that had an order to kill placed on his life? However, at no time did Brother Ishmael stop doing the work of the Lord. I believe it sounds as if he trusted the Lord and his faith was made greater by this. I know there is danger in some countries where we operate. There isn’t much danger preaching The Restored Gospel here in the U.S., but how many of us won’t even share with our neighbors?

I want to ask Brother Ishmael how he was able to lead so many to know Jesus and introduce them to The Church of Jesus Christ and the Restored Gospel? How can one man do more than some branches? I can only count the number of people he influenced that are mentioned in his testimony, and I am sure that those aren’t all of them. Again, what was it like to have that kind of faith? That kind of walk with The Lord that he would walk out his home — not knowing where The Lord was leading — and be guided by a star that The Lord provided him? Brother Ishmael followed that star, and when the star got him to where he was going, it was exactly where The Lord wanted him.

In all of this, I am not idolizing a man. I am idolizing the relationship that he had with the Lord and his “in tuneness” with the Holy Spirit's promptings. Let's make an effort to get out of our comfort zones and share the Restored Gospel with someone we may not know.

Brother Ishmael DAmico

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