I Need a Silent Night

Written by Sister Vicki Ali on Monday, December 16, 2013. Posted in Devotional

I Need a Silent Night

Today, we're taking a break from our Christmas Character Series to bring you this devotional, which we hope directs you toward a more peaceful Christmas. Tomorrow, we'll resume our Character Series with the Christmas story as told by the donkey!

I love Christmas music. I never listen to it before Thanksgiving, but the minute I put the turkey leftovers away, I am ready to immerse myself in it.

My personal collection runs the gamut, from classics like Bing Crosby and Nat King Cole to Louie Armstrong, Steven Curtis Chapman, Kenny Chesney, Aaron Neville, Harry Connick Jr., you name it. Springsteen's "Merry Christmas Baby" compels me to karaoke in the kitchen much to the chagrin of my family (an unavoidable reflex for an 80s chick).

But in the days and weeks following my joyous musical launch into the season, the hustle and bustle of city sidewalks begins to gnaw at my nerves, and the appeal of any winter wonderland simply loses its wonder for me.

We're all too familiar with the struggle to keep Christ in Christmas, even as believers and His followers. It's so much more than insisting the traditional greeting be "Merry Christmas" rather than the politically correct "Happy Holidays." If I'm really honest, there's an ongoing battle every year within my heart and mind, which is too easily distracted by to-do lists and looming deadlines for the perfect family celebration as the days fly off the calendar faster than the winter winds blow away the last of autumn's leaves.

If you do not identify with this struggle to not lose sight of the joy of the season within its chaos, then carry on with baking, wrapping, or decorating and read no further. However, if you can relate and feel your heart racing and blood pressure rising at this time of year, then sit down for a minute, close your eyes, and listen to this Amy Grant song that gets my heart back in rhythm and sync every time.

Because we all truly need a silent night...

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