I'm Your Man

Written by Brother Peter Scolaro on Thursday, May 22, 2014. Posted in Miracles

I'm Your Man

Today, we're sharing another military testimony submitted for this month's Miracle Monday theme.

In 1970, during the Vietnam War, I was drafted into the U.S. Army. My wife and I had only been married for a year. As we celebrated our anniversary, we were saddened by the thought of being apart for most of the following two years.

After basic training in the U.S., I was transported to West Berlin, Germany with a group of infantry medics. Naturally, our family and The Church were very concerned about where I would be assigned next, and all were praying. During this time, my father was given a dream that everything would be all right.

One day, I felt a strong desire to donate blood at the hospital on the army base. As I lay on the table, one of the commanding officers came into the room and mentioned to the attending medic that he needed an experienced lab technician to fill a position at the hospital. He wanted someone with 18 months remaining on his tour of duty. I had been working as a chemist back in the States and had about a year and a half left to serve.

"I'm your man, sir," I said, just about jumping up from the table. I got the position and remained at the lab in West Berlin for the rest of my term. My wife joined me there, and we lived in an apartment off base. She was even able to do volunteer work in the same lab where I worked! God truly blessed us.

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