How Do You Spell Love?

Written by Sister Michelle Watson on Thursday, July 03, 2014. Posted in Devotional

How Do You Spell Love?

Recently, I heard a minister deliver a sermon, and he said something that I've heard him say many times before, and no matter how often I hear this saying, it still rings true. He asked, "How does a child spell love?"

The answer: T-I-M-E.

When we give children time, it shows that we care enough about them to set aside our many important "adult" tasks. It's one way that we can demonstrate that they are a priority in our lives. It also communicates that we enjoy their company and actually like being around them — there are plenty of kids who I like hanging out with, even though I'm nearly a quarter of a century older than them.

So, I wonder, does God spell love the same way? Is giving my time to God one of the many ways that I can show I love Him?

When I give my time to God, I think it does show that He is a priority in my life. It's like saying, "I've got a lot going on in my life, but spending time with God is important, so I'll cut out a different activity so I can make time for Him." It also shows that I enjoy being in His marvelous presence.

How do parents make time for their kids? Maybe they

  • Eat dinner together every night and discuss the day
  • Read books and pray before bedtime
  • Do the child's favorite activities with them (play catch or dolls)
  • Watch the child perform in sports, music, or other hobby
  • Schedule family vacations

How do I make time for God? I should

  • Study scripture regularly
  • Pray to Him and talk with Him throughout the day
  • Go to church prepared to worship Him
  • Make time for His people, visiting, fellowshipping, and giving my testimony

It may seem basic, but when I don't give God the time He deserves by doing these things, I find our relationship suffers. And it's no coincidence. If parents don't spend time with their kids, pretty soon, the relationship weakens and eventually deteriorates. I can say the same for friendships and family relationships. I think it's the same in our relationship with our Heavenly Father.

The best part is that He is always seeking the relationship. He is constantly drawing us to Him. He never wants to push us away. He always makes time for us, so we should do the same for Him. Not because we're guilt-tripped into it but because we can't imagine a better way to spend our time than with our Lord.

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