Holy Hurricanes

Written by Sister Alena X. Ricci on Wednesday, July 23, 2014. Posted in Special Series

Holy Hurricanes

When I chose "hurricanes" as my topic for this series, I had no idea what I could really say. So I started doing some research, watching videos of recent hurricanes and the damage that they've left behind.

Although watching the actual storm was a little awe-inspiring because of how amazingly frightening they are, what I found most interesting was the destruction after the storm.

When hurricanes rip through an area, homes are crushed, trees are torn from the ground, and cars are lifted and thrown around the area. When a hurricane passes through, we see in horrific detail the vulnerabilities of the seemingly solid places that have "always" been there.


A hurricane is much like us on the road to redemption. I believe that, at our lowest point, we are the most vulnerable and honest, just like a town riddled with destruction by a hurricane.

A hurricane's destruction is not permanent, but it is a condition that can be fixed. It is a condition that allows God's work to be displayed. This destruction can put us back on the path that we were always meant to be on.

I've been told to "praise Jesus in this storm," but what about the hurricanes? What about those moments where utter destruction comes and literally wrecks everything? A storm might be lightning and thunder, or it could be just rain, but a hurricane is a cyclone destined for destruction.

A hurricane is a cyclone destined to create new life.

I tend to forget that although a hurricane is truly terrifying, there are many instances of the Lord calming them, and He can do it again. Nahum 1:7 says that the Lord is good and that He is a stronghold, so what have we to fear?

For out of a hurricane comes destruction, life, and faith.

Summer Reading Challenge Daily Assignment

Alma 53-55

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