His Blood Never Runs Short

Written by Sister Carolyn Griffith on Monday, May 04, 2015. Posted in Miracles

His Blood Never Runs Short

Today, we're kicking off our Miracle Monday theme for May: communion. Thank you, Sister Carolyn Griffith for sharing this most beautiful testimony!

Our branch, Forest Hills, Florida, was in the process of constructing a new church building. We were meeting in a rented facility, and our space for storing sacrament supplies was very limited.

One particular Sunday, as I was preparing the wine and bread for communion, I realized we didn't have very much wine and felt concerned there would not be enough. I felt if I could fill two full glasses of wine, there probably would be enough for the service. I was able to pour one glass full but the second glass only half.

I knew at that moment I had to put my faith in the Lord. I prepared the table and I mentioned to the presiding elder that there was only enough wine for the glasses to be filled half way. Throughout the service I was very concerned that we would not have enough wine. I was praying fervently.

When it came time for communion, I watched as the elder poured the first glass to the top. It took my breath away, knowing there would not be enough to fill the second glass. As the elder poured the second glass, the wine went to the top — and there was wine left in the decanter.

I began to weep knowing God was so good. After sacrament, I stood up to bear my testimony as to what I had just witnessed. If I hadn't poured the wine into those glasses earlier, I would have never known how powerful this experience was to us.

Miracles Wanted!

We are in need of more May miracles related to communion — if you have any to send, please don't delay! Click here for our contact form. Next month's theme is going to be "anointing" — do you see a pattern?

This year, we've had themes on baptism, feetwashing, communion, and now anointing. We're covering many of the Lord's holy ordinances. He is pleased when we participate in them, and He often shows it through experiences and miracles. We'd love to hear your story!

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  • Josie Jasmin

    Josie Jasmin

    05 May 2015 at 20:27 |
    How great is our God! This is such a beautiful miracle, God knows just what we need and when we need it.
    My spirit was uplifted as I read this miracle.
    Love in Christ,
    Sister Josie Jasmin


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