Here's Looking at You, Kid

Written by Sister Erin Light on Wednesday, March 19, 2014. Posted in Devotional

Here's Looking at You, Kid

"Jesus is always watching!" A little old sister in my branch scolded me, pointing to the half-eaten Sunday school treat in my tiny 7-year-old hand. "You have to wait to pray first!" I looked at her, wide-eyed and munching quickly to hide the evidence, thinking, "But I'm really hungry and it's just one little cookie!"

But even at a young age, I knew better. I really wished I could have snuck the other half of the cookie back onto the tray.

God is always watching. It's the "threat" used around the world by Christian parents to encourage their kids to do good because Jesus sees everything. I even tried that saying on a kid at my elementary school when he took an extra pencil from the jar. It clearly didn't have the same effect on him because he just rolled his eyes. But the thought that God is watching our every act every second of everyday all our life can be pretty daunting and scary.

Or isn't it?

"My help cometh from the Lord, which made heaven and earth. He will not suffer thy foot to be moved, he that keepeth thee will not slumber" (Psalms 121:2-3).

My God watches over me and makes sure my feet don't slip. He even watches over me when I sleep. He sees the obstacles in my path and helps me move around them. He cautions me from getting into too much trouble. It's a comfort to me to know that my Lord sees my every move because I know when I kneel to Him at night to pray, He has already seen the day I had, and He can see all my days ahead. What can be better than having a Lord with a host of guardian angels taking care of me day and night?

That being said, I still sneak a cookie off the Sunday School tray once in a while, spiritually speaking. Sometimes I forget and I make mistakes. But God really loves his children. He taps me on the shoulder right before I bite into it, and He lets me put it back on the tray.

He is always watching, and I'm so thankful for that.

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