Healings in Mexico

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Healings in Mexico

Yesterday, we shared some testimonies from Dominica, and today we'd like to share some more IMOC experiences. Today's story comes from Tijuana, Mexico. This experience happened recently in November 2013. Many of us have co-workers who we interact with on a daily basis, but sometimes we're afraid to share our testimony with them. God used one shy, introverted brother in TJ to touch the life of a co-worker along with his whole family.

Brother Eutiquio is a very quiet person. He does not have many friends, but at work he has a co-worker to whom he has spoken about our Church.

His co-worker has a 16-year-old daughter named Jocelyn. This young girl suffered a trauma in her life six months ago, causing her to lose her hearing. She could only hear buzzing and ringing in her head, which caused her pain. Additionally, this trauma made her arm and leg muscles lose function. Her limbs looked crooked as if she was an old person with arthritis, and she needed a walker to help her walk.

When Brother Eutiquio told Jocelyn's father that The Church has ministers that pray for people and they are healed, he agreed to have a minister pray for her. Although the parents wanted someone to pray for her, Jocelyn would not permit anyone to touch her. Her parents had already taken her to different doctors and psychologists, and they had even tried to take her to a priest and some pastors from other churches, but she did not want to talk to any of them and would not allow anyone to pray for her.

Brother Eutiquio called a minister of our Church, and her parents told Jocelyn that someone was going to come and pray for her. She accepted without any resistance. The minister who went to visit her first contacted her through text messages in order to make friends with her and show her kindness. When he told her that he would pray by putting blessed oil on her head and laying hands on her head, she gave him permission to do so. Then, when our brother turned to inform her parents that she agreed to let him pray for her, her parents cried because she had not been so open with anyone outside the family in a long time.

When our minister prayed for her, she instantly felt the buzzing and pain in her head decrease. The minister spoke with her parents and asked if he could bring a group of young people to visit at their home and tell them more about our Church, and they accepted. The following week, five days after the day he had prayed, Jocelyn could walk again without the walker. When she saw the minister who prayed for her, she greeted him and gave him a hug. Some young people from The Church visited with her for a few hours, and she was very happy.

Her mom shared with us the joy she felt that her daughter was well again, and she recognized that God had performed a miracle in her home. She showed us all of Jocelyn's medical records to verify how bad her condition had been. The following Sunday was a great joy for The Church, as the entire Ramirez family worshipped with us and shared their testimony.

We see this miracle in Jocelyn's life is as we sing, "He can heal the lame and blind, and all afflictions of the mind."

So, which of your co-workers need to hear about the power of God today?

Pray for The Church in Mexico

God is really blessing the church in Mexico, especially in Tijuana where this miracle took place. The branch cannot contain all the members, and there are currently three missions in the city. There is much need in the area, and people are willing to hear about God. Plus, there are new works starting in outlying areas, and many members from Tijuana, Sinaloa, and other branches travel to support them. Please pray for the saints as they take the gospel to souls in need.


Tijuana Branch


Inside the Tijuana Branch


Tijuana youth gathering at the park

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  • Teri-Lyn Tunno

    Teri-Lyn Tunno

    05 March 2014 at 21:41 |
    What a beautiful experience!! Thank God she was receptive to the minister coming to anoint!! I love my Brothers and Sisters in Mexico!! They are doing such a wonderful job of spreading the Gospel and being beautiful examples as followers of Christ. Thank you very much for sharing!! :)


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