He Loves Us

Written by Brother David Nolfi on Thursday, January 04, 2018. Posted in Devotional

He Loves Us

Dear Brothers, Sisters and Friends

Greetings in the love of Jesus Christ. I recently posted an article titled "A Loose Society." Within the article, and in previous postings, I have identified some of the terrible, sinful conditions that exist in our society and throughout the world. In so doing, I have failed to identify and to proclaim the most important aspect of my writings. (Please forgive me.) That proclamation is that JESUS CHRIST LOVES US!

What I say here today is most critical. Jesus Christ loves every human being with a love so great that He was willing to offer Himself as a living sacrifice upon the cross of Calvary to save us from the ravages of sin.

For those who are the Servants of Jesus Christ, His love is placed within our hearts, and it gives us the strength to walk before Him in obedience and humility, in righteousness, and in holiness. We, the Servants of Jesus Christ, have great cause to rejoice and be thankful for the wonderful Gift of Salvation that we have received through our obedience to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This Precious Gift is nothing we have earned; it's nothing we deserve; it has been given to each of us freely through the Grace and Mercy of Jesus Christ. BLESSED BE THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST!

To those who are the victims of sin, those whose lives have been snarled and tangled by the power of evil, those who cannot break free from the grip of sin and its power over the human heart: JESUS CHRIST LOVES YOU! His love is so great that He gave His life upon the cross of Calvary. The pain and the agony that Jesus Christ endured upon the cross was our punishment for our sin, but He paid that debt for us because HE LOVES US!

The offering of Jesus Christ upon the cross is the greatest act of love throughout the ages of time. For those who are the victims of sin, He offers forgiveness that releases us from the grip of sin. Our souls, which are dead because of sin, are brought back to life through Jesus Christ's forgiveness and the resurrecting power of His life!

So, to those of you who read these postings, the most important posting is JESUS CHRIST LOVES US, both servant and sinner. Regardless of how sinful we may be, if we will humble ourselves and yield to faith, repentance, and baptism, then Jesus Christ will place within us the Holy Ghost, which enables us to obey His commandments. His commandments will protect us from the ravages and the destructive power of sin. Salvation through Jesus Christ will place a joy and happiness within our hearts that will make us eternally grateful and thankful!

If we choose not to obey the Gospel or yield to Jesus Christ, yet HE LOVES US! Jesus Christ does not condemn us. It is our own sin and rejection of salvation that will stand to condemn us on the Day of Judgement.

I implore you with the energy of my soul that you would be reconciled to Jesus Christ through the Gospel while you yet draw the breath of life! Call out to Him in prayer and He will answer you. Remember, always remember, JESUS CHRIST LOVES US!

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  • Brother Gary Thompson

    Brother Gary Thompson

    04 January 2018 at 12:00 |
    Amen Brother, Amen. Wow, what a beautiful, powerful and awesome article of The TRUTH!!!


  • Teri-Lyn Tunno

    Teri-Lyn Tunno

    19 January 2018 at 20:16 |
    Brother David, what an awesome blog! Definitely something we should never forget. Sorry, I am a bit behind in reading these precious blogs but this isn't something I should read just once but many times over. God bless you as you continue your outreach. You are such a blessing to many of us.


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