He Is Still Good

Written by Sister Mallory McNamara on Tuesday, March 10, 2020. Posted in Devotional

He Is Still Good

“…and if not, He is still good.”

This little phrase stopped me in my tracks — my selfish, wanting-it-my-way tracks.

This phrase is all about attitude.

It’s been proven that having a positive attitude can positively impact our lives. This is no different in our spiritual lives.

When we ask God for things, there is often a waiting period before we get our answer. Days. Months. Years. Decades. You can learn a lot about yourself in situations where you have to be patient. Where does your mind go?

Do we get frustrated with God and His slow response? Do we give up and try to make things happen ourselves? Or do we wait patiently and rely on our faith?

Let’s say we get an answer, but it's not the one we wanted.

Do we get mad at God and hold a grudge? Or do we remember His goodness and everything He has already blessed us with?

The attitude we have when approaching God is so important. He doesn’t want us to keep tabs on all the times things didn’t work out according to our own plan.

“Hey, God, this is what I want. If you’ll recall, you didn’t give me the last thing I asked for, so I think you owe me one.”

God wants a humble heart, one that appreciates and recognizes the blessings He gives no matter the outcome.

“Hey God, this is what I want. If I don’t get the answer I’m looking for, I know You have been good to me and have already blessed me tremendously.”

What a difference our attitude makes.

Next time you go to God in prayer, do so with a humble spirit knowing that no matter the outcome, He is still good.

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