Having Lively Hope

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Having Lively Hope

The first regular day of the GMBA Campout began with Brother Brandon Dulisse, this year’s seminar director, addressing the congregation regarding the camp theme.

After that, Brother Brandon introduced each of the seminar leaders. Every year, the seminar director is challenged with having to come up with a creative way to introduce the teachers. For this year, the teachers were introduced as sports All-Stars, with their heads superimposed on an actual sports figure. Some were quite humorous, especially the brothers who are “hair-challenged” who had hair added to their photos.

Today was the first day of regular seminars on the theme of “Lively Hope.” Everyone went to the class for their respective age groups to explore the theme. Some classes (as depicted below) put the chairs in a circle and used creative activities to reinforce the theme.

GMBA 2019 7

The annual Market Day had several tables set up with items for sale to benefit Church branches and missions throughout the world. Many shoppers stopped by the tables, and one in particular sold out of its items within the first hour.

GMBA 2019 8

Although the sky was foreboding, the rain held off so kids 'recreation could happen. We are appreciative of the adults who give of their time to help the kids have fun at camp.

GMBA 2019 9

For the evening meeting, the GMBA officers and seminar leaders for the younger age groups (ages 13 to 23) met with that age group to minister to them directly. At the same time, the adults (ages 24 and up) enjoyed the preaching of Brother Paul Ciotti and Brother Tony Ricci, after which the Apostles brought the young adults up front for singing, testimony, and prayer requests.

GMBA 2019 10

Following the evening meeting, the adults congregated for fellowship while the young children were treated to a pajama party with a movie. Good night, all — we’ll be ready for another day tomorrow.

GMBA 2019 11

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