Guess Who (or What) Am I?

Written by Brother Rich Nath on Thursday, April 23, 2015. Posted in Trivia/Games

Guess Who (or What) Am I?

Here's another fun game of Guess Who (or Guess What) from Brother Rich Nath. Send us your best guesses, and we'll post the correct answers a week from tomorrow.

Guess Who 1

  • I'm from the "oldest" part of the Old Testament.
  • I had many sons and daughters, but only three are mentioned by name.
  • My wife made me an offer I should have refused.
  • I had a great place to live but was forced out by the owner.

Who am I? (Hint, look me up in Genesis.)

Guess Who 2

  • I'm the grandson of the oldest man recorded.
  • I constructed something that no one had ever seen before.
  • If TV was around in my day, I would have been like the patriarch in "My Three Sons."

Who am I? (Hint, look me up in Genesis.)

Guess Who 3

  • I was a prophet during a dark time for Israel.
  • I opposed the prophets of the false god and was hunted by the evil queen.
  • I challenged the false prophets to show the people who the true and living God was. Needless to say, nothing happened when they called on their false gods, but when I prayed to the God of Israel, He answered.

Who am I? (Hint, look me up in 1 and 2 Kings.)

Guess Who 4

  • I led a rebellion and subsequently became King of Israel
  • I caused Israel to sin and led them down a dark path.
  • God promised to make my lineage a long and lasting dynasty, but I rejected the covenant.

Who am I? (Hint, look me up in 1 Kings.)

Guess Who 5

  • There have been movies and documentaries made about me.
  • When Uzzah touched me, he dropped dead.
  • In Biblical times I lived in tents and buildings.

Who or what am I? (Hint, I'm mentioned many times throughout the Bible, especially the Old Testament.)

Remember, send us your answers, and we'll reveal the correct responses a week from tomorrow. Enjoy!

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