Guess Who No. 2

Written by Brother Rich Nath on Thursday, June 18, 2015. Posted in Trivia/Games

Guess Who No. 2

Calling all brainy brothers and smarty-pants sisters. Test your memory with another fun game of Guess Who. Look for answers in the Bible and the Book of Mormon.

1. I didn't have a good reputation among my peers because people who worked in my profession were looked at as the lowest of the low. But one day, the Master saw something different in me. He said, "Follow me." That's all I needed to hear, and I left the old life behind for my new life with Him.

2. After following the voice of the angel of the Lord, I ran into a man reading Isaiah. He asked what it meant, and I explained that it was a prophecy of Jesus Christ. As we came upon some water, he stopped his chariot and wanted to be baptized. I took him into the water, baptized him, and when we came out I found myself many miles away.

3. After being called by the apostles to help with the affairs of the church, I was given power by God to do great wonders and miracles. I was also given much wisdom when the council questioned me and accused me of blasphemy. My answers cut them to the heart, and I was martyred.

4. I was one of the youngest to travel to the Promised Land. Later in life, I was called into Christ's ministry and given the responsibility to look after and add to the plates of Nephi. I preached many things, including how no man should have more than one wife and no concubines. I also referenced the prophecy of Zenos that compared Israel to an olive tree.

5. I was one of the youngest generals recorded in scripture, although I never liked shedding blood. If only our brethren would've left us alone and in peace. I was strong, mighty, and had a perfect understanding. I took joy in the liberty and freedom of my people. It's written that if all men had been, were, and ever would be like me, the powers of hell would've been shaken forever and the devil would have no power over the hearts of humanity.

6. I was one of the chief judges of the Nephites. I saw the sign of Christ's birth and led the people during the campaign against those awful Gadianton robbers. I instructed them to become one people in one land, and after a few years, we won the war against them by the power of God. We lived in peace until a great inequality came into the land and the church began to break up. My son took over for me that year, and just a few years later, the sign of Christ's death was given.

Summer Reading Challenge Daily Assignment

Matthew 21-22

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  • Siste Josie Jasmin

    Siste Josie Jasmin

    18 June 2015 at 16:38 |
    1. Matthias
    2. Philip
    3. Stephen
    4. Jacob
    5. Mormon
    6. Helaman


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